US Military   Cast Architectural Plaques   Cradock Class of 1966

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            Aegis Cruiser                                                   Destroyer (DD)


                 DDG                                    WWII  Destroyer Escort (DE)


      Shadow Box                                   MHC                                       MCM


We have many more half-hulls in many different sizes, including:

  1. FFG (2 sizes)
  2. FF Large
  3. DDG (4 styles, from WWII to DDG 100)
  4. MHC
  5. CG (3 styles, 2 sizes)
  6. MCM
  7. LSD
  8. LPD

Please contact us for more styles, sizes and pricing information

610 Virginia Ave.   Portsmouth, VA. 23707  ph. 747.399.4788   or headelfin@aol.com     or  elfjanet@aol.com