Engraving Colors
US Military   Cast Architectural Plaques   Cradock Class of 1966

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White-W  Red-R  Yellow-Y  Gold-G  Burgundy-Bur  Orange-O  Black-Blk  Blue-Blu  Green-Gr  Aqua-Aq  Silver-S  Purple-P  Beige- Bei  Brown-Br  Dark Brown-DkBr

R-W         R/Blk      R/Y        R/G          Bur/W     O/W        O/B

                                             Bright                        Pine

Y/Blk        Y/Blu      Y/R        Y/Bur      Gr/W      Gr/W        Gr/W

                                                        Quebec Air Force 

Aq/W      Aq/Blk      Blu/W      Blu/S      Blu/Y      Blu/W    Blu/White

Blu/W       P/W         Blu/W    Bei/W     Bei/DkBr Med.Br/W  DkBr/W 


                                   Bright     Pine

R/W         Bur/W     Y/Blk        Gr/W     Gr/W     Sap/W     Blu/W

Lt.Blu/W  Med.Br/W  DkBr/W  W/R       W/Blu    W/Blk      Ivory/DkBr

Grey/W  LtGrey/W LtGrey/Blu Blk/W

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